imatest 培訓課程

imatest 培訓課程


This hands-on course provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use Imatest and assess digital image quality. Participants will learn the key factors that contribute to overall image quality and how to apply Imatest to accurately measure each factor. They will also learn how to select appropriate test charts, configure Imatest options, and interpret Imatest output. Small-group exercises will reinforce learning and allow participants to explore advanced image testing techniques.

Companies that enroll 2 or more attendees will receive a 20% discount per attendee.

We are experts dedicated to education.

Our team will help your staff learn the ins and outs of image quality testing and how to properly leverage Imatest software to its full potential.

Upcoming classes:

  • Boulder, CO    September 3 & 4
  • Beijing    October 21 & 22
  • San Jose, CA    November 5 & 6
  • Taipei    November 18 & 19

How our training programs work:

  • Two-day training courses offered throughout the year in the US and Asia.
  • Customized in-house training is available to select customers.
  • Discover the many factors that contribute to image quality and how to use Imatest to measure each factor.
  • Learn how to select test charts that are appropriate for the type of image quality factor that you’re testing.
  • Participants can ask questions and receive helpful answers that will allow them to best use the software.

What students will learn:

  • Measuring key image quality factors using Imatest.
  • Understanding and interpreting Imatest output.
  • Avoiding common mistakes in applying Imatest.
  • Selecting appropriate test charts.
  • Configuring options to achieve particular testing objectives.
  • Assessing overall image quality.
  • Automating tests for manufacturing quality control.
  • Balancing the tradeoff between yield and end-user satisfaction.

Students Will Learn How To:

  • Measure key image quality factors using Imatest
  • Understand and interpret Imatest output
  • Avoid common mistakes in applying Imatest
  • Select appropriate test charts
  • Tailor Imatest options to target environments
  • Assess overall image quality

Day 1:

  • Overview of key image quality factors
  • Application of Imatest to measure key image factors
  • Small-group exercises
  • Discussion of results

Day 2:

  • Advanced techniques and options for applying Imatest
  • Understanding and interpreting Imatest output
  • Small-group exercises
  • Discussion of results

The course is strongly geared towards answering questions from participants, either sent to Imatest in advance or asked during class.


Two-Day Training: $1,100

Register online or contact for pricing on customized in-house training.



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