Physical Standards
We offer a wide variety of standards for reflectance and transmittance. We can help you with diffuse and regular reflectance; color; wavelength calibration (both visible and NIR); and fluorescence for both optical brightness and chromatic fluorescent materials. We welcome custom orders, and all our standards come with traceable measurements or uncalibrated.

Materials and Coatings
Our diffuse optical coatings and materials starts with our flagship material, Fluorilon™, exhibiting the highest diffuse reflectance of any commercial material in the UV-Vis-NIR. We offer Avian-B and Avian-D diffuse white coatings, as well as diffuse black, and Avian Gold for near- and mid-IR. We will coat your materials, or provide product for you to do your own coating.

Measurement and consulting Services
Avian Technologies offers NIST/NRC traceable measurement services using all common measurement geometries: both regular (near normal) and total hemispherical reflectance; regular transmittance measurements; and 45:0 radiance factor measurements. We can also provide goniospectrophotometric measurements and custom measurement services when CIE geometries do not suffice.




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