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Comprehensive, highly specialized assortment of more than 260 test charts. Worldwide leading and practically used test equipment.                   This is one of the highest performance analysis tools in the area of digital imaging worldwide. Image Engineering provides data for several applications - like camera test results or spectral reflectances of natural objects - in online databases. Whatever information is needed about your imaging system - whether resolution, spectral sensitivity, dynamic range, color reproduction
quality, signal to noise ratio, or visual noise etc. – iQ lab measures it.
The basis of our test chart portfolio are the ESSER TEST CHARTS owned by Image Engineering and known worldwide for their high quality which we continually improve. Included in the extensive program are HDTV charts for broadcast, multipurpose charts as well as the UTT chart (Universal Test Target), the leading system for the standardized digitalization of archives, which is already being used by the Metropolitan Museum in New York. mage Engineering offers numerous measuring superstructural systems for the most important aspects of image aquisition devices. Included are STEVE (stabilization evaluation equipment), the Autofocus-Box, camSPECS, illumination equipment and the LED-Panel for measuring shutter lag and other timing values, as well as additional products which we develop exclusively in-house according to customer specification. Image Engineering can provide the complete solution for all your image quality assessment needs. mage Engineering developed the iQ-Analyzer in-house and has continued to adapt it to market requirements. The software takes image files, video files, video streams and even RAW files as input and provides detailed information about the performance of the device under test. The algorithms are ISO standard based and improved where needed. All aspects of image quality are covered including aspects like noise measurement, color accuracy, resolution measurement and distortion assessment. The Image Engineering database is an ideal tool for setting up a side by side quality comparison of various devices. All measurements are based on existing and upcoming ISO standards and other international standards where available. Testing photographic cameras was the starting point of Image Engineering’s activities in 1997. This service is still an important part of our business and we offer it to international magazines and manufacturers. A database gets filled with measurement results and can be used to compare devices. Over the years the range of products measured on a regular basis was expanded. Image Engineering developed an exceptional expertise in testing as well as in developing test procedures for broadcast cameras, automotive cameras, surveillance cameras, cellphone cameras, printers and scanners. And we are always exited about the challenge to keep track of the technological developments and invent new measurement procedures wherever needed.
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