Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

For all video tutorials we recommend to use the highest resolution settings possible through your internet connection (e.g. HD 1080p). Also try the subtitles or Closed Captions (CC button) if your audio is not available, for hearing-impaired or just to improve understanding.



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This playlist contains all the videos from the iQ-Analyzer series.


iQ-Analyzer Tutorial - Home Screen

In this tutorial we introduce you the Home Screen. This feature is available from iQ-Analyzer V6.



iQ-Analyzer Tutorial - Displaying Results

Here we show you how to visualize and compare the results of calculated images in the iQ-Analyzer.



iQ-Analyzer Tutorial - Requirements

This screencast covers the usage of the Requirements feature and explains how to check if analyzed images meet certain requirements.



iQ-Analyzer Tutorial - Exporting Results

In this tutorial we deal with automatically exported results, graph exports and report generation.


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