PressSIGN 印刷品質監控系統

排列方式: 直列式 / 棋盤式
pressSIGN Global Print Management 全球網路版本
pressSIGN Multi-Site Internet Server V 7 pressSIGN Global Print Management (GPM) pre..
PressSIGN Pro 專業版
pressSIGN-Pro V 7 pressSIGN-Pro measures, controls, monitors and evaluates the colour p..
PressSIGN 單機標準版
pressSIGN 7 standard edition measures and controls the printing process. pressSIGN make..
PressSIGN-PrintBuyer 印刷買家版本
pressSIGN-PrintBuyer V 7 pressSIGN-PrintBuyer monitors and evaluates the colour printin..
eXact XP 光譜密度儀 (柔版/凹版薄膜專用)
愛色麗 eXact™ XP 可測量從配墨中心到印刷車間的整個顏色網絡 ..
PressSIGN-Trends 印刷趨勢分析版本
pressSIGN-Trends version 7 pressSIGN-Trends is FREE with every pressSIGN-Pro and pressS..
eXact 光譜密度儀
愛色麗 eXact™ 可測量從配墨中心到印刷車間的整個顏色網絡 ..
PressSIGN Softproof Module 軟式打樣模組
pressSIGN SoftProof FREE with pressSIGN-Pro and Trends Clients Save time and money with..
PressSIGN-mobile 手機行動版本
pressSIGN-mobile client pressSIGN-mobile is an additional feature of pressSIGN and on..
PressSIGN Extended Ruler 專用手動滑尺
pressSIGN extended ruler available in B1, B2 or B3 sizes The pressSIGN extended ruler allows..
proofSIGN - softproof and sign off the pdf 印刷品管與軟式打樣的驗證
proofSIGN is a fast and easy proof verification application Be sure your proofs are col..
4CX Technology 數位印刷校正灰平衡版本
4CX Technology Bodoni Systems new patent pending 4CX Technology is included in pressSIGN 4..
eXact Auto-Scan 自動色帶掃描配件
eXact Auto-Scan 自動色帶掃描配件 一款儀器,帶來無與倫比的靈活性 幫助..
eXact Scan 色帶掃描配件
從油墨中心到印刷車間,進入準備模式的最快途徑 愛色麗 eXact™ 是新..
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