SFRplus Large LVT Film Chart

SFRplus Large LVT Film Chart
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型 號: SFRplus Large LVT Film Chart
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SFRplus Large LVT Film Chart


This transmissive (backlit) SFRplus test chart can be used with the Imatest SFRplus module to measure MTF, lateral chromatic aberration, distortion, and tonal response. The SFRplus module features fully automated region-of-interest detection. The SFRplus chart offers significant advantages over commonly used charts such as the ISO 12233 chart, including 1) much less wasted area, 2) the ability to produce a map of sharpness over the sensor surface, 3) better measurement accuracy due to the lower contrast, and 4) full support for automated testing.

This chart has an active chart area of 48.3 cm x 26.81 cm (19 in x 10.56 in) in a total film size of 30.48 cm x 50.8 cm (12 in x 20 in). Bar-to-bar height is 252 mm (9.92 in).

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This chart is produced with a high-precision, black and white, LVT film recording process for the best possible density range, low noise, and fine detail. The edges have an MTF50 >= 10 cycles/mm, which is about 2 times better than the best inkjet charts. For more information please take a look at our transmissive chart quality comparison! The large patterns are fine enough to produce good results with up to 30 megapixel cameras.

Watch a video overview of the SFRplus chart on our site or YouTube.

Anatomy of the SFRplus Test Chart

Custom variations of the SFRplus chart are available. Please contact to discuss your specific requirements.


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