Xyla-21 Dynamic Range Test Chart

Xyla-21 Dynamic Range Test Chart
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型 號: Xyla-21 Dynamic Range Test Chart
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Xyla-21 Dynamic Range Test Chart

SKU: Xyla-21

When selecting a camera, it's important to consider the dynamic range of your sensor. Ensure an accurately measured dyanmic range using the latest high dynamic range test system from DSC Labs - the Xyla.

Available with up 20 f-stops of dynamic range, allowing only 1:1,000,000 of the light passes through at the 21st step, the Xyla presents more than a challenge for even the most advanced camera systems.

Note: There is a 5-6 week lead time for this product.

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Created to produce the highest level of accuracy when dealing with limited light output,  the Xyla features a unique shape similar to a xylophone, isolating shutter panels and a built in light source. Combined, these features have been shown to effectively minimize errors caused by light leakage, flare and the various forms of light leaks that have significantly reduced the accuracy of previous test systems.
  • 20 f-stops of dynamic range (21 steps)

  • Fully enclosed voltage regulated light source

  • Light tight design

  • Shutter system allows users to isolate and evaluate individual steps

  • Stepped xylophone shape minimizes flare interference from brighter steps



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