Long Wave Infrared Test Chart

Long Wave Infrared Test Chart
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型 號: Long Wave Infrared Test Chart
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Long Wave Infrared Test Chart


Until now, limitations in IR test charts and analysis software have left IR image testing techniques lagging well behind testing techniques used with visible light cameras. Imatest’s Infrared SFRplus test chart, in combination with the Imatest Master software package, eliminates these problems.

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  • Large chart size: the chart measures 61cm high by 91.5cm wide, with a sturdy 0.3 cm aluminum substrate designed to support camera testing not only in the lab, but also in harsh outdoor field conditions.
  • Reasonable cost: many thousands of dollars less than other IR test charts and analysis software
  • Support for a wide range of IR wavelengths: advanced infrared pigments are mixed with specialized enamels to deliver needed contrast in visible light through LWIR
  • A modern test chart pattern designed for computer-based analysis delivers high-resolution slanted edges across the entire test chart, enabling variations in sharpness to be accurately and objectively measured across the full plane of the camera’s image sensor. The pattern also supports analysis of other key IR image quality factors, including noise and distortion.
  • Proven software delivering trusted measurements. The IR software is built into Imatest’s Master Edition, the world’s most popular software for measuring digital image quality. IR-specific testing capabilities, such as the ability to process negative SFRplus images typically captured by LWIR cameras, are continuously being added.

Watch a video overview of the SFRplus chart on our site or YouTube.

Anatomy of the SFRplus Test Chart

Custom variations of the SFRplus chart are available. Please contact sales@dhd.com.tw to discuss your specific requirements.


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